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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts logo.png
Genre(s) Action role-playinghack and slashrhythm action
  • Square
  • Square Enix
Creator(s) Shinji Hashimoto
Tetsuya Nomura
Composer(s) Yoko Shimomura
Platform(s) PlayStation 2Game Boy AdvanceMobile phoneNintendo DSPlayStation PortableNintendo 3DSPlayStation 3Web browserPlayStation 4Xbox OneAndroidiOSNintendo Switch
First release Kingdom Hearts
March 28, 2002
Latest release Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
June 22, 2020

Kingdom Hearts (Japaneseキングダム ハーツHepburnKingudamu Hātsu) is a series of action role-playing games developed and published by Square Enix (originally by Square). It is a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney and is under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura, a longtime Square Enix employee.

Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between Square Enix and Disney based in a fictional universe. The series centers on the main character, Sora, and his journey and experiences with various Disney, Square Enix and Pixar characters. The heroes of the series clash against the multiple incarnations of the primary antagonist, Xehanort, throughout the series.

The series consists of thirteen games available for multiple platforms and future titles are planned. Most of the games in the series have been positively received and commercially successful, despite criticism for its storyline. As of June 2019, the Kingdom Hearts series has shipped more than 32 million copies worldwide. A wide variety of related merchandise has been released along with the games, including soundtracks, figurines, companion books, light novels, a collectible card gamemanga series and an upcoming TV series.

Kingdom Hearts

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